Chorizo Cilantro Burger


Guess what happened.

My eyebrows, eyelashes and hair caught on fire and burned RIGHT OFF. Well…. okay, not completely. My eyebrows are singed to little hair-plug-looking nubs. My eyelashes are reduced to poky little stubs. And chunks of my hair are missing. It’s a good look.

But that’s the price you pay when you have no idea how to grill & you try to do it on-the-fly willy nilly style. Cooking + Learning = Rewards + Sacrifices. Luckily, these chorizo burgers do not require any grilling! So you might sacrifice your morning workout, but not your eyebrows (phew!).

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My name is Mogi & this is my blog. 
Let me start by clarifying… Is this blog… vegan? No. Gluten-free? Nuh uh. Low-calorie? No siree. Healthy? I mean….maybe by accident. Does this blog even have a theme? Um…sort ofIMG_4603
This, my friends who didn’t click exit yet (mom, are you still there?), is about my crazy brain. It’s about the foods I obsess about, crave beyond comprehension, and eventually destroy my kitchen trying to create. My ultimate goal is to release your crazy brain a little bit so you start craving, plotting, and creating things in your (much cleaner) kitchen too! Maybe you already do? Let’s be friends. 

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