Rosemary Paloma


Wake up. 

I can’t. I am a zombie. I am a shell of a being. A lifeless force somehow floating through this apartment. Until, wait. Coffee. Coffee? Coffee!!!
I need coffee. No, you don’t understand. I NEED coffee.  Some people call this an addiction. Some people call this a problem. I call it a life long healthy love affair. I love the coffee, the coffee loves me back. I neglect the coffee, I’m useless. Coffee, please don’t leave me!

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Spicy Red Onion Rings


Mom is in town.

And when mom’s in town, things are always a little different. No more walking around in your underwear. No more hour long showers. No more HGTV marathons. BUT a lot more hugs, compliments, and LOVE. Lots of love. When mom’s in town, everything is going to be okay. Life is really comfortable. And the dishes magically get done. 
Mom deserves a thank you card, a medal of honor, and a celebration in her name. I don’t know all that she has done for me and I never will. BUT I can make her these amazing onion rings. And that’s a pretty good start.

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Simple Syrups



When you close your sweet little eyelids and think of summer–what comes to mind? Do you think of the pool? Or the beach? Do you think of the sound of cicadas? The smell of freshly cut grass? Orrrr… do you think of your clothes sticking to your back while your pit stains growing wider and wider? That last one… too REAL.

I think of lots of things…. but most importantly, I think of what I’ll be drinking. Iced teas, iced coffees, milk shakes, lemonades, rosé wine, sangria… All while lounging & relaxing. And these simple syrups will help get my drinking game ON POINT.

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