My name is Mogi & this is my blog. 
Let me start by clarifying… Is this blog… vegan? No. Gluten-free? Nuh uh. Low-calorie? No siree. Healthy? I mean….maybe by accident. Does this blog even have a theme? Um…sort ofIMG_4603
This, my friends who didn’t click exit yet (mom, are you still there?), is about my crazy brain. It’s about the foods I obsess about, crave beyond comprehension, and eventually destroy my kitchen trying to create. My ultimate goal is to release your crazy brain a little bit so you start craving, plotting, and creating things in your (much cleaner) kitchen too! Maybe you already do? Let’s be friends. 

In this intro blog post situation, I wanted to include a few tips. Tips that have helped me make my food craving dreams reality. Tips that have helped harness my crazy brains. 1, 2, 3, go!

Tip 1: LISTS

Grocery lists, cravings lists, recipe lists, meal prepping lists, day-by-day lists (I think they call this a calendar). I <3 lists. The two apps that I use to create and manage my lists are: Evernote & Paprika. I’ll probably babble more about these in the future.

Tip 2: MISE

Mise en place is a fancy french foo-foo way of saying: have all your ingredients ready & set for takeoff. This means, having everything on the counter, chopped, prepped & measured. This means reading through the recipe. Honestly, doing this mise business sometimes takes longer than the actual cooking/baking time—BUT YOU MUST DO IT! It will remove 100% stress…well maybe just 80-90% but still. Trust the mise. The mise is on your side.

Tip 3: TIME

Sometimes, cooking takes time. Always more time than just picking food up or order in. But it’s SO worth it. Plus, after a while, you’ll actually start looking forward to your cooking time. When I cook, I pour myself a drink, put on a good playlist/podcast, light a candle, and get in the zone. It’s my alone time. It’s my happy place. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, but as long as I set some solid time aside, I’m always glad I did.
Anyways, those are my three cents. Take the pennies or leave them. But thank you for reading these pennies…I mean words. I will be back soon. With more pennies, words, & FOOD! 

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